Her Perfect Work - Summer Book Club Part 1

Summer Book Club Part 1

Her Perfect Work - Summer Book Club Part 1This summer I’ve done something I have never done before. I joined not one but two online book clubs! I love buying books and having a nice sized home library but I’ve probably only read about 10% of the books I own. So I decided to make this a summer of reading. The two books featured in the clubs are How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You by Rachael Carmen and The Husband Project by Kathy Lipp. Let me tell you, these books are good! I love how the clubs are utilizing Facebook and email to keep all the participants accountable and engaged. So in this two-part post I wanted to tell you about each book and the impact they are having on me.

First, Rachael Carmen’s book, How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You (or How Many Times as we refer to it in the club). The tagline of the book is, “What God wants us to hear when we talk to our kids.” In the book, Rachael reflects on 68 different things we as mothers often say to our children and how God wants us to hear him saying those same things to us. The topics range from the cliché, “This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you” to the profound, “Please just trust me and obey.” So many times while reading I have felt the Holy Spirit taping me on the shoulder as if to say, “We wrote that part for you” or “Remember when this happened, you were trying to get through to her but we were trying to get through to you.”  Like in the chapter titled, “God Has Great Plans For You” where Rachael wrote,

Her Perfect Work - Summer Book Club Part 1

These few sentences hit me like a ton of bricks. They reminded me of the times I had become frustrated with Bella’s progress during potty training or how long it was taking for her to learn a certain skill in class. I came to realize that many times when I should have been enjoying and celebrating our day-to-day accomplishments I was just pushing through and longing for the day when all the “hard work” would be behind us. But that’s not how I want to parent. I don’t want to wait for the day that I can enjoy being a mom, I want to enjoy every day no matter what difficulty it may bring.

In the chapter titled, “Go Outside” I was reminded that at the end of a tough day the best thing I could do for my relationships and for myself was to step outside and let it go.

“Let the breeze blow away the chaff of the day, the stuff that doesn’t matter, the stuff that only serves to block your view.”

But I think the best lesson I’ve learned so far has been from the chapter titled, “Be Still.” I am a multitasker; always on the move and with a to do list longer than my arm but there are times when my little one and my Father need me to just sit with them and be.

“I can fold laundry and teach phonics simultaneously. But my kids love it when I put everything down and do nothing except sit with them. There will come a day when I can dust all I want. Now is the time for this mom to be still with her little ones and just snuggle.”

While reading How Many Times, I’ve received so much insight into how to be a more loving, patient, attentive mother as well as receiving deeper revelation as to what my heavenly Father expects from me and how he uses my daughter to teach me. I absolutely LOVE this book and I can’t wait to continue reading and learning.

In my next post I’ll dig in to Kathy Lipp’s book, The Husband Project, and share with you what I’ve learned about the other important relationship in my life.


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