Complete and Lacking Nothing

Yesterday, as I was running errands, I unexpectedly found myself under attack. I didn’t know it when I left the house that morning but my enemy was laying in wait for me along my path. Being caught off guard I allowed him to get in a few heavy hits but then my training kicked in and with one move I knocked him out. But not without learning a valuable lesson in the process.

You see in the past I have struggled with self worth and confidence but over the last year or so the Lord has been building me up. Showing me who I am in him, who he has created me to be and the strength that I can find in him through his word, his Son and his Holy Spirit. So when I found myself being tested in this area my flesh thought it knew all the answers. It cried out, “Validate me, Give me worth, Satisfy me!” Although it’s voice was weak, hearing it filled me with fear and anxiety and I thought, this is not right, this is not the correct answer. That’s when I hear another voice, louder than the first saying, “There is nothing that this world can offer that is better than what I already have. I am priceless gem in the hands of my Father. His word gives me satisfaction and joy and through it I have many blessings.” It was the voice of  my spirit echoing the voice of my Father.

After hearing the truth of who I am I was encouraged and reminded that there was a reason this sudden attack came to me. While driving in my car I began to speak out loud to myself and to the spirits in the air, “I am a threat to the kingdom of darkness. I am a threat to the kingdom of darkness. I am a great threat to the kingdom of darkness. I am a GREAT threat to the kingdom of darkness.” And that’s where I really found my confidence because I knew that the attack itself was not important, what was important was the reason for the attack which was to debilitate me because I am a great threat to the kingdom of darkness. God is preparing me – training me – to be a valiant warrior for His kingdom. To bring hope and deliverance to those who are captive through the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

So what started as a attack on my weaknesses ended as a display of His strength. And I’m ok with that because at the end of the day I am purified and He is glorified.

Her Perfect Work - Complete and Lacking Nothing
Her Perfect Work – Complete and Lacking Nothing


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