Yahweh Remembers

Although most people call my husband Zack, his full name is Zacarias, and I love it. I love it because of its uniqueness and meaning. Its origin is Hebrew and it means: the Lord remembers or remembered by God but my favorite meaning is Yahweh remembers. There is something about this most sacred name of God that just fills me with hope and a sense of being special, because Yahweh remembers me. I could go into great depths trying to explain the beauty and significance of the name Yahweh but for today it will be enough to say that Yahweh is a name of God used to describe his existence and presence. Today as I think of the ways I have fallen short of my desire to live my life as a sacrifice to Him I draw hope from Psalm 103:13-14 which says, “The LORD is like a father to his children, tender and compassionate to those who fear him. For he knows how weak we are; he remembers we are only dust.” How beautiful is that? Although God deserves all that I can give him and more he is merciful and remembers that I am weak, that I am only dust. That doesn’t give me license to sin or give him an unfit offering but it does lift my spirit and frees me from the condemnation brought on by the enemy when I fall short of my goal to worship him in spirit and truth. Yahweh remembers that I am a work in progress, He remembers that I do love him, in my imperfect way, He remembers his promises. He remembers ME. And for that I am thankful, humbled, blessed, honored and eternally grateful.

Her Perfect Work – Yahweh Remembers

“Father, don’t ever let me drift away from your path of righteousness. Let your word be a light to my path and a light that shines through me into the darkness of this world. Help me to keep my focus on you always. To bring you praise and worship in ALL that I do and EVERYWHERE that I go. Give me the strength to subdue my flesh daily. Remember me and help me to remember YOU. I love you Father. Amen.”

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